Addison Township

Supervisor's Staff

Name Phone Email
Bruce Pearson – Supervisor
Jamie Martel – Deputy Supervisor

Mission Statement

The Supervisors Office is the administrative nucleus of the Township. its mission is to ensure efficient and effective day-to-day operations, identification of needs and provision of services to citizens, sound policy formation by providing information and leadership to the Township Board, representation of the Township and its citizens to all outside entities. Long-range planning for the future well-being of the township.

The Township Supervisor is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township and Chair of the Board of Trustees, which is the legislative arm of the Township. The Supervisor’s Office is responsible for all the operating agencies of the municipality (except the offices of the elected Clerk and Treasurer) and other duties that may be delegated by the Township Board. The Supervisor oversees the following Departments: Assessing, Building, Parks & Recreation, Buildings & Grounds, Water & Sewer, Fire, and Police.


Addison Township has no legal jurisdiction over any roads – public or private. Public roads are under the jurisdiction of the Road Commission for Oakland County. The phone number for Citizens Services is (248) 858-4804. Call this number with any concerns or complaints you may have regarding items such as road maintenance, snow plowing, clear vision, etc. Private roads are maintained by the property owners along the private road. Addison Township participates with the Road Commission for Oakland County and Oakland County in the Tri-Party Road Program in which the three entities share the cost of safety improvements to public roads such as passing lanes, sight distance improvements, and paving road approaches.


  • Purchasing, budgets, personnel, and all other items not assigned by statute to other officials.
  • Dealing with public concerns, citizen calls, developers, businesses, and staff business.
  • Interacting with State, County, other municipalities, and local agencies such as the library, schools, and the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Representing the Township on GPAC, SEMCOG, OCATS, Polly Ann Trail, Tri-Party Road Committee.
  • Attending PR events such as groundbreakings and open houses.
  • Administering Community Development Block Grant Program .
  • Maintaining the Township’s website.
  • Sitting on Township committees Ex Officio.

Special Assessment Districts

Special assessment districts may be formed for projects such as snowplowing, grading & chloride of private roads or weed control on lakes. If you are interested in getting more information about forming a special assessment district, please call (248) 628-5409.