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Parks & Recreation

Township Parks and Recreation Areas

Watershed Preserve

The Watershed Preserve is a 229 acre nature preserve located in the northern portion of Addison Township (map).  It was established by Addison Township as an ecological preserve for passive, non-invasive use.  The purpose of the preserve is to protect and preserve in perpetuity and integrity of the extremely sensitive watershed and wildlife habitat within the preserve boundaries.

It contains four kettle lakes and inter-connected wetlands within rolling glacial moraine deposits.  The wetland within the preserve form the headwaters for the Belle, Clinton and Flint River systems.  The lakes and wetlands within the preserve are a major source of recharge for the Township's groundwater aquifer.  They are also natural impoundment basins for surface water run-off, providing important regional flood control for the tree river systems that drain from it.

In addition to the lakes and wetlands, the preserve contains maturing second growth forest and meadows that provide diverse wildlife habitat.  A number of rare and locally threatened species of plant and animals have been documents on the property.  Numerous migratory waterfowl and songbirds also frequent the wetlands seasonally.

It has marked trails that are utilized for hiking, cross-country skiing and horseback riding.  Trails also provide portage access to Slating Lake.  One camping site with a picnic table and fire ring has been established.  A refurbished cabin utilized as a ranger station also exists on individuals for overnight use.  These facilities are available to the public (individuals and groups) for overnight use by reservation.  Docks for fishing were installed at Loon Lake and Slating Lakes.  Enlarged parking areas were created at the east and west entrances.  A local historical school house was moved to the park entrance.  The Arnold School was builtin in 1856 and exterior restorations have been completed.  When the interior is completed, it will be used as a nature center and greeting building.  It has a basement which will be used to store park tools and supplies.  Picnic tables have been added to the lawn area.


Lake George Nature Park

The Lake George Nature Park encompasses 82 acres and was acquired in 2011.  It will be developed similar to the Watershed Preserve Park (map).


LaBodie Park

LaBodie Park is approximately 7 acres located adjacent to the Township Hall (map).  The park has one practice ball field, modular play equipment with wood chip ground surface, a small picnic area, an enclosed gazebo, a butterfly garden with bird-feeding stations and nature trail.


Addison Oaks County Park

Addison Oaks is a scenic 1,140 acre park in northeast Oakland County located in Addison Township with two lakes and spring-fed ponds.  It was recently named on of the Top 10 Best Family-Friendly Places to Hike by MetroParent Magazine.  Find out more by click link.